finished product

Limited amount left, of all of them. I need to make room for new cards for next year. The snowflakes ones are all A6 size folded cards (4.5″ x 6.25″) printed on French Paper Co. 140#C Pure White, with a frosted blue envelope. The Winter Solstice card is a smaller single note (5″ × 3.25″, not folded), printed on Arturo 110#C Soft White with a deckled edge, with matching hand painted or plain envelope.

New jobs, New websites, New year!


After I got those wedding invitations done, I had two commissions for local digital work: a logo and ad, and a website redesign. I also printed the Japanese poem and lobster cards and then went to visit my parents over winter break. It was nice to have a bit of a vacation, even though I did quite a bit of work during the break. Annie (my apprentice) saved my butt with Etsy orders, by going over to my studio and shipping out most of my orders while I was gone. I need to do a post about her on here sometime…

I’ve also changed websites. Weebly had a better (free) template for a proper shop site then WordPress.com did, and GoDaddy.com had cheeper fees than WordPress did. It’s a much cleaner look now and should be live in the next couple days. However, Weebly sucks for blogging, so I exported by old WordPress data to a new blog and I’ll just have links between the two. Luckily, I was able to find two templates that play nice with each other visually. Eventually, I will make everything from scratch. I’m waiting for Macaw to come out in Q1 2014. It blows all the other WYSIWYG editors out of the water.

I also need to post scans of the New Years cards I made for friends.

Finished Printing (for now)


On Friday, on the way to my last final, I was hit by a car. It ran over my right foot. Brandon took me to the hospital after we all gave statements to the police. Luckily, nothing was broken. It was just very badly bruised and swollen and I couldn’t walk on it.

I still had 2 cards left to print, so I invited Annie over to help me. She’s been over a number of times to help with the press gruntwork. I finally got a picture of her printing though.
She’s a great help, especially since I couldn’t put too much weight on my foot and my arms were crazy sore from using crutches (they hurt worse than my foot!).

We printed “Good Tidings” and “Merry Christmas” on Sommeset Velvet Soft White that I had cut to 4 bar. I matched the ink colors to the Persimmon and Peacock envelopes I bought from Paper Source.

Cards that are ready to ship