3 cards in 3 days, or Maybe I Should Do This More Often

design process

I don’t know if it’s the fact that my grad classes at K-State are starting tomorrow, that my cousin is getting married in a week, or that Aggieville Mini Maker-Faire is in 2.5 weeks, but I have gotten a lot done in the last 3 days. Here’s the last of them. A card celebrating the life-long bonds of the gray wolf (and hopefully the future recipients of the card).

Stock-Lewis Wedding Invitations

finished product

Card Paper: Crane’s Lettra in Ecru 110#C (100% Cotton)
Band Paper: Wildflower by Rifle Paper Co.
Envelopes: #10 Straw Kraft & 4bar Peach from Cards and Pockets
Custom mixed Gold Ink (from Pantone 871 and 874)
Twine Wrap: 20lb Hemp Twine
Typefaces: Ondise and Gandhi Sans

Mock Invitations: Part 3

design process

Now you can see how changing the colors and motif completely changes the mood while keeping the text block intact.

This would be great for a traditional and refined outdoor wedding. Classy and rustic. I’d probably use GMUND’s Savanna paper for the enclosures or envelopes. Embossed woodgrain paper really complements the texture of letterpress and would highlight the oak leaf motif.


Three for a Wedding

design process

carolyna arturo wedding

Fall wedding invitation inspired by the coating crows rhyme:
One for sorrow
Two for mirth
Three for a wedding…
For any offbeat couples that are avid corvid fans or just like how atmospheric late October can be.

The paper I would print this one on would be Cartiera Magnani’s Arturo cards. They have a felt finish which is super soft (like kid gloves) and has a deckled edge. I used this paper for my own wedding 3 years ago, and I recommend it to any brides who want their invitation paper to have a hint of color.

All names and dates are made up. No crows were harmed in the making of this Photoshop mockup.


custom work

Well I finished the watercolor details of wedding invite suite for my friends Joe and Tracy a couple days ago. After re-coloring some of the earlier ones that looked too pale compared with the rest, I left them under weights last night to flatten out from all the handling and extra water. They will be ready to ship on Monday.

I decided to go with variety rather than every card being the same. Rather, the color palette is the same, but the second leaf is not ALWAYS yellow with a tinge of orange. Below are some of my favorites.

fav 1 fav 2