Mock Wedding Invitations

design process

Part of building up a wedding portfolio besides doing jobs for real couples is designing mock-invitations. I usually use the details from my own wedding so I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes. The nice part about this design, besides the amazing typeface (Erotica, by Argentinian designer Maximiliano Sproviero), is that the left design can be anything the couple wants (Brandon and I had crows for our theme), or the type block can be moved to the center and swash or another narrow element (trees, lace, etc.) can frame it on either side.    two crow wedding mock 01    UPDATE The other good thing about them: they allow you to quickly try out new colors. Definitely can’t do that with a letterpress…

New Space, New Idea


With the help of my friends and family, I’ve moved my press to my new space. It’s a much better space to work in.

I also have some new designs churning. Here’s a print idea of one of my favorite palindromes.
moth flame
I’m thinking of using Mohawk Loop in Urban Gray (Antique Vellum finish).

I also have 4 wedding invitations to print before the month is out, and I’m not deathly ill anymore, so I can get back to doing what I love and writing about it :)

officially open for business

custom work

Two Crow Press is officially open for business as of this past weekend! Much thanks to my Boston friends Joseph Russell and Tracy Graumann for being my first patrons and helping me get my studio cleaned up. Their wedding invites look wicked sweet. I swear it’s not just the mineral spirits!


Please bear with me while I get this website up on it’s feet. For examples of past letterpress work and my artwork please visit