Aggieville Mini Maker Faire


Two Crow Press will have a booth at the Mini Maker Faire in Aggieville this Saturday, September 20th. The Maker Faire is only part of the festivities being held in honor of Aggieville’s 125th Birthday. I will be in Booth #4, near The Dusty Bookshelf.

Maker Map

Similar to my demo at Art Happens 2013 at the Manhattan Arts Center, I will be printing various items, showing how to set up and clean up the press, and allowing people to pull prints for free. I will also be selling Two Crow Press paper goods and taking custom orders.
In addition to the Mini Maker Faire on Moro Street, there will be:
  • Entertainment stage, scheduled with acts throughout the day
  • Ferris wheel
  • Kid’s carnival
  • History in Triangle Park
  • Craft beer tasting
  • Car Show
  • Street Dance
  • Giant Birthday Donut
  • Midnight “Happy Birthday” song and toast

Konza Postcards

design process

This is something I’ve had churning around in my head for awhile. I’ve wanted to make a set of postcards/prints celebrating our native wildlife. In addition to the American bison, I’m planning to definitely make one of the Greater prairie chicken. Other possibilities are White-tailed Deer, Bobcat, Coyote, Red Fox, Great Blue Heron, Northern Bobwhite, Killdeer, Eastern Screech-Owl, Belted Kingfisher, Northern Flicker, American Crow, Loggerhead Shrike, Red-Winged Blackbird, Common Nighthawk, Poor-Will, Tiger Salamander, Ornate Box Turle, the list goes on. We have a lots of great indigenous species.

Birds on the Konza Prairie

Mammals on the Konza Prairie

Amphibians and Reptiles on the Konza Prairie

Plants on the Konza Prairie

If you have any favorites, I’m definitely open to suggestions.

UPDATE: Refining the sketch and playing with brushes. This is my first time working with a Wacom tablet. It is able to capture my mark making really well, the result looks very close to what a sketch with a dip pen and ink looks like. The bison will continue to get better as I get to know the tablet.

american bison konza card mock 2Josefin Slab is a mighty fine typeface.

Gorgeous Violet

custom work, printing process

I started work on letterpressing this beautiful set of invitations for Julie Sperfslage. She is a graphic designer, and you should check out more of her work here, who is getting married and decided to have Two Crow Press print her invitations. Her handwritten script with decorative swash on these invitations is really beautiful and playful. She chose the super thick cotton Lettra 220#DTC in Fluorescent White for her paper stock. My hands were K-State purple after cleaning the rollers (my cuticles are still stained, certain pigments definitely have staying power)! Here’s a preview of the invitations, the RSVPs she designed are just as good. I steamed the paper before printing to open up the fibers more, but I love the little bit of saltiness that is still there. Lettra is a pretty textured paper, so it’s difficult to create enough pressure to get rid of the saltiness, especially with a human-powered tabletop platen press. I wanted a Heidelberg Windmill so badly after pressing almost 300 of these. Whew! Someday. sperfslage closeup sperfslage

Wrap It Up!

digital, finished product

The Manhattan Arts Center is opening their annual art exhibit and holiday sale on Friday. I have even more cards for sale (and better ones) than I did last year. If you attended the MAC’s Art Happens fundraiser, you got a nice preview of the my holiday cards. If you are local, please come support the MAC, local artists and artisans, and get some great gifts for your friends and family. It’s a win-win situation! There are some beautiful hats made of Japanese fabric, blankets woven from wool that was gathered from sheep that the artisan raises herself, carved gourd vessels, watercolors, silk-paintings, awesome wood boxes, ceramics of all shapes and sizes, and more jewelry than you can shake a stick at.

As a design exercise, I made a festive poster for it. mac wrapitup mockIt’s not the official one, but it has all the right info.

25th Anniversary Poster for MXTW

custom work, digital

Here is the poster I designed for the show this year.

mxtw 2013 poster mock

The five below are possibilities for the 25th anniversary poster.

Which do you like best?


printing process

I made this video specifically for the Next Big Thing Contest, but it gives you a good idea of what letterpress is at Two Crow Press.I was sick, so I couldn’t do any voice overs. I kind of like the effect though…

please watch in all it’s HD (but low tech) glory