finished product

Limited amount left, of all of them. I need to make room for new cards for next year. The snowflakes ones are all A6 size folded cards (4.5″ x 6.25″) printed on French Paper Co. 140#C Pure White, with a frosted blue envelope. The Winter Solstice card is a smaller single note (5″ × 3.25″, not folded), printed on Arturo 110#C Soft White with a deckled edge, with matching hand painted or plain envelope.

Stock-Lewis Wedding Invitations

finished product

Card Paper: Crane’s Lettra in Ecru 110#C (100% Cotton)
Band Paper: Wildflower by Rifle Paper Co.
Envelopes: #10 Straw Kraft & 4bar Peach from Cards and Pockets
Custom mixed Gold Ink (from Pantone 871 and 874)
Twine Wrap: 20lb Hemp Twine
Typefaces: Ondise and Gandhi Sans

Gertrude Stein, Japanese Cranes, and more Kafka

design process

New designs, nothing off the press yet. I’ve got a wedding job to finish before I can get back to my greeting cards, but these should be ready before the end of January.

New Products for Fall/Winter

design process

I just got my big paper order in and a new set of plates from Boxcar Press. These are digital mockups, but here’s what’s in the works right now:

Haven’t decided for sure on the colors for the I <3 YOU SO MUCH! cards. I am a big fan of the simplicity of black and red. The <3 cards will be printed as 4bar folded cards, blank as per usual.

I’m also liking the blood splatter Kafka the more I look at it. I originally made it on a lark, because it’s a bit overbearing/overdramatic, but the graphic punchiness is nice.

Konza Postcards

design process

This is something I’ve had churning around in my head for awhile. I’ve wanted to make a set of postcards/prints celebrating our native wildlife. In addition to the American bison, I’m planning to definitely make one of the Greater prairie chicken. Other possibilities are White-tailed Deer, Bobcat, Coyote, Red Fox, Great Blue Heron, Northern Bobwhite, Killdeer, Eastern Screech-Owl, Belted Kingfisher, Northern Flicker, American Crow, Loggerhead Shrike, Red-Winged Blackbird, Common Nighthawk, Poor-Will, Tiger Salamander, Ornate Box Turle, the list goes on. We have a lots of great indigenous species.

Birds on the Konza Prairie

Mammals on the Konza Prairie

Amphibians and Reptiles on the Konza Prairie

Plants on the Konza Prairie

If you have any favorites, I’m definitely open to suggestions.

UPDATE: Refining the sketch and playing with brushes. This is my first time working with a Wacom tablet. It is able to capture my mark making really well, the result looks very close to what a sketch with a dip pen and ink looks like. The bison will continue to get better as I get to know the tablet.

american bison konza card mock 2Josefin Slab is a mighty fine typeface.

Printing Again!

finished product, printing process

20140706-164209-60129110.jpgIt’s been a long while since I printed last. Between family illness, grad school, and my work with the Manhattan Experimental Theater Workshop I was swamped. I printed a new set of business cards this morning and had enough ink on the press to try out a new plate. It’s my largest plate. In fact, it’s the largest my press can print. The plate is a larger version if the Ryokan poem card.

Our life in this world –
to what shall I compare it?
It’s like an echo
Resounding through the mountains
and off into the empty sky.

It’s one of my favorite poems, and one that I want to share with people by making a beautiful letterpress print. I’ll have them for sale on my Etsy site shortly, and will be contacting the local shops I sell at to see if they want to stock them.

They are printed in a purplish-black color I call sumi black, because it reminds me of thick, freshly-ground sumi. I printed on four different colors of paper: Mohawk Loop in Antique Vellum finish in Milkweed (160#C), Husk (160#C), and Thai Gold (130#C); and French Paper Co. Construction in Pure White (140#C). The finished prints will be approximately 7.25″ x 9.25″. 20140706-164258-60178898.jpg

Mock Wedding Invitations

design process

Part of building up a wedding portfolio besides doing jobs for real couples is designing mock-invitations. I usually use the details from my own wedding so I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes. The nice part about this design, besides the amazing typeface (Erotica, by Argentinian designer Maximiliano Sproviero), is that the left design can be anything the couple wants (Brandon and I had crows for our theme), or the type block can be moved to the center and swash or another narrow element (trees, lace, etc.) can frame it on either side.    two crow wedding mock 01    UPDATE The other good thing about them: they allow you to quickly try out new colors. Definitely can’t do that with a letterpress…

Gorgeous Violet

custom work, printing process

I started work on letterpressing this beautiful set of invitations for Julie Sperfslage. She is a graphic designer, and you should check out more of her work here, who is getting married and decided to have Two Crow Press print her invitations. Her handwritten script with decorative swash on these invitations is really beautiful and playful. She chose the super thick cotton Lettra 220#DTC in Fluorescent White for her paper stock. My hands were K-State purple after cleaning the rollers (my cuticles are still stained, certain pigments definitely have staying power)! Here’s a preview of the invitations, the RSVPs she designed are just as good. I steamed the paper before printing to open up the fibers more, but I love the little bit of saltiness that is still there. Lettra is a pretty textured paper, so it’s difficult to create enough pressure to get rid of the saltiness, especially with a human-powered tabletop platen press. I wanted a Heidelberg Windmill so badly after pressing almost 300 of these. Whew! Someday. sperfslage closeup sperfslage

Refining the Moth

design process

Today I replaced my filler moth with a hand drawn version, and messed with page placement. Bigger border is definitely better, it needed more negative space to breathe.

moth flame 2I have this amazing song to thank for this beautiful palindrome. It really fits nicely with the fire imagery in the song.