Bats? Bats!

design process

bats helloI started drawing these little charmers last night, and I worked on them intermittently today. I absolutely love my new brush set that I got from Creative Market. The set was $39 and made by Roman Melentyev. It has made a big difference in the effects I’m able to get with my Wacom tablet (Intuos Pro small). I’m able to draw in a way almost identical to what I do with a dip pen with various nibs, but in my less time because I can erase.

I really like having multi purpose cards. If a card is just for one thing, that’s ok, but cards should exist for any sort of correspondence, even if it’s just to reach out to someone and say “Hi, I’m here. I care about you. How are things?”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone and the ability to chat with anyone with any instant messaging app, but I still appreciate getting mail from my friends. Tangible things can be really special.

This card is for all the weirdos out there who want to give a little black and silver batty shout out to another weirdo, or maybe you want to use it for a Halloween card.

[A random observation: Bat heads kind of look like goblins dressed up in lion costumes.]