Personal stationery, invitations, announcements, art and poetry prints, business cards, letterhead, hand bound journals and guestbooks…

I can make any and all of these custom to your specifications and my abilities. Just request a Custom Item via Etsy, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. If you’re interested in wedding or event stationery I handle those orders through Wedding Wire.

See the gallery for examples of my work.


What kind of paper is best for letterpress printing? Our stock paper is French Paper Co. 140#C Pure White. We have other papers in the shop, usually leftovers from other jobs. Currently we also have:

  • Crane’s Lettra 110#C: Ecru
  • Crane’s Lettra 220#DTC: Florescent White
  • Mohawk Loop 160#DTC: Husk, Milkweed
  • Mohawk Loop 110#C: Chili, Thai Gold, Urban Grey, Iris
  • French Paper Co. 140#C: Muscletone Black

We are happy to order in paper for your specific project. If the paper is able to be used for a later project, we will only charge per sheet instead of for a full carton. We have used client purchased paper in the past, but please contact us to see if we can print with your paper. Samples of our papers are available.

What kind of artwork does letterpress excel at?
Text and line work. Letterpress is all about pressure and a large flat area of color will take much more pressure to print than a thin line. Jobs with larger areas to print will often require the paper to be dampened to fluff up the fibers and ensure a quality impression.

What is the largest size you can print?
Due to the current size of our press, Two Crow Press is limited to printing images 5 x 7 inches or smaller. Paper size can exceed the image size, but please contact us for specifics.

How long does a job usually take?
I prefer 10 business days from when I recieve the image file for completing a typical job. If I am designing as well as printing, it usually takes an additional 2-4 weeks. Rush orders are available, but subject to additional fees for shipping and handling.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. However, please be aware of the taxes and fees of your country for imports.

Can I print photos with letterpress?
No, but I can have photos printed digitally and attach them to the finished product. Window enclosures are a particularly nice option for photo invitations/greeting cards.

How about full color?
Nope. CMYK printing is a pain in the butt with letterpress.

Do you offer foil-stamping, engraving, corner-rounding, etc.?
Not yet. I plan to add corner-rounding and foil-stamping in the next two years.

I really love letterpress, and I want my [invitations, business card, etc.] letterpress printed, but it’s so expensive :(
Letterpress is a time-intensive process. It takes hours to cut the paper to size, dampen the paper, mix the ink, get the makeready set up, pull test prints, readjust the packing or registration, before printing even begins. While printing one has to constantly check if anything is going wrong with inking or the rollers or any of the other many things that could go wrong. Beyond the labor of it, the materials can get very expensive.

That being said, there are ways to make letterpress fit a lean budget. Options such as printing a single color, limiting the amount of paper (instead of an invitation, rsvp, rsvp envelope, accommodations card, map, reception card, info card, etc., just limit it to an invitation and an rsvp postcard), the type of paper you choose, the size of the cards you want, and the number of things printed. If you want advice on how slim down your project, but still get a beautiful end result, just email