Specializing in custom letterpress goods and graphic design for small businesses.

Founded in March 2012

Two Crow Press is a small letterpress and graphic design studio for printing stationery and art prints. In modern letterpress, old technology (1950s letterpress and lead type) and new (designs created in Photoshop and Illustrator and printed with photopolymer plates) come together to create a unique, handmade product. In this way, old technology is preserved, but still kept relevant to 21st century needs and desires.

My Chandler & Price (New Style): almost 200lbs of cast iron and steel


Ashley Flinn: Proprietor

I am an artist, an artisan, and a designer. In my experience, these are not exclusive categories, but rather modes of thinking. The artist is conceptual and instinctive. The artisan is aware of tradition and is meticulous with the craftsmanship of the work. The designer is analytical, practical, and concerned with aesthetics. All of these modes come together in the work I make, both for myself and for others.

In 2005, while attending Kansas State University, she took classes in letterpress and book arts from Rachel Melis. After Professor Melis left Kansas State University, Ashley transferred to the University of Kansas to pursue her interest in book arts, and trained under Linda Samson-Talleur. Ashley received her BFA in Printmaking in 2010. A year later, she found a Chandler and Price Pilot in Chicago and spent her savings on it. The first project for the press was printing a set of wedding invitations for friends.

As an avid reader and the daughter of scientists, Ashley is interested in nature, anthropology, history, and literature; and often works literary and scientific references into her greeting cards and art prints.


Rachel Melis and Linda Samson-Talleur:my letterpress mentors
Annie Spence, John and Kelsey Girvin, Sandy Mead, Amanda Hedrick, Dane Sargent, Cheryl Jennison DaProza and Keith DaProza, Kevin and Bev Jennison: AKA, The Bad-Asses that have helped me move my 200 lb. press.