Konza Postcards: perhaps abstract is better…

design process

I’ve been trying out a lot of different ways of drawing these animals. I think I might have to go back to traditional media to do it quicker, but trying to figure out this tablet and photoshop brushes has been really useful, so I might keep using it, just to gain experience with that.

Tympanuchus cupido, the Love Drummer. This one is definitely more the woodcut/linocut style that I’m used to. I’m not a painter. I’ll illustrate things with gouache and ink, but I’m drawing with it and filling in colors, instead of treating it like paint and blocking out areas of color, doing washes, blending, etc.

prarie chicken konza mockI don’t know which I like better, so that means I need to do even more sketches. I’ve done a lot more permutations of the bison and prairie chicken than I’ve posted. I’ve probably only done about 15 different sketches total, not nearly enough. If anyone out there is going into graphic design or art, you need to draw all the time. Are you drawing right now? If not, you should get on that! I’ve spent about 7 hours today on the chickens, and when it’s all said and done I’ll probably have put in 3-4 times that. Also, don’t look at his feet, I didn’t even try on the feet. The feet will be so much better on the finished plate.


2 thoughts on “Konza Postcards: perhaps abstract is better…

  1. Perhaps you could inquire at the Flint Hills Discovery Center about whether cards like the above might be sold there.