Printing Again!

finished product, printing process

20140706-164209-60129110.jpgIt’s been a long while since I printed last. Between family illness, grad school, and my work with the Manhattan Experimental Theater Workshop I was swamped. I printed a new set of business cards this morning and had enough ink on the press to try out a new plate. It’s my largest plate. In fact, it’s the largest my press can print. The plate is a larger version if the Ryokan poem card.

Our life in this world –
to what shall I compare it?
It’s like an echo
Resounding through the mountains
and off into the empty sky.

It’s one of my favorite poems, and one that I want to share with people by making a beautiful letterpress print. I’ll have them for sale on my Etsy site shortly, and will be contacting the local shops I sell at to see if they want to stock them.

They are printed in a purplish-black color I call sumi black, because it reminds me of thick, freshly-ground sumi. I printed on four different colors of paper: Mohawk Loop in Antique Vellum finish in Milkweed (160#C), Husk (160#C), and Thai Gold (130#C); and French Paper Co. Construction in Pure White (140#C). The finished prints will be approximately 7.25″ x 9.25″. 20140706-164258-60178898.jpg