Gorgeous Violet

custom work, printing process

I started work on letterpressing this beautiful set of invitations for Julie Sperfslage. She is a graphic designer, and you should check out more of her work here, who is getting married and decided to have Two Crow Press print her invitations. Her handwritten script with decorative swash on these invitations is really beautiful and playful. She chose the super thick cotton Lettra 220#DTC in Fluorescent White for her paper stock. My hands were K-State purple after cleaning the rollers (my cuticles are still stained, certain pigments definitely have staying power)! Here’s a preview of the invitations, the RSVPs she designed are just as good. I steamed the paper before printing to open up the fibers more, but I love the little bit of saltiness that is still there. Lettra is a pretty textured paper, so it’s difficult to create enough pressure to get rid of the saltiness, especially with a human-powered tabletop platen press. I wanted a Heidelberg Windmill so badly after pressing almost 300 of these. Whew! Someday. sperfslage closeup sperfslage