New jobs, New websites, New year!


After I got those wedding invitations done, I had two commissions for local digital work: a logo and ad, and a website redesign. I also printed the Japanese poem and lobster cards and then went to visit my parents over winter break. It was nice to have a bit of a vacation, even though I did quite a bit of work during the break. Annie (my apprentice) saved my butt with Etsy orders, by going over to my studio and shipping out most of my orders while I was gone. I need to do a post about her on here sometime…

I’ve also changed websites. Weebly had a better (free) template for a proper shop site then did, and had cheeper fees than WordPress did. It’s a much cleaner look now and should be live in the next couple days. However, Weebly sucks for blogging, so I exported by old WordPress data to a new blog and I’ll just have links between the two. Luckily, I was able to find two templates that play nice with each other visually. Eventually, I will make everything from scratch. I’m waiting for Macaw to come out in Q1 2014. It blows all the other WYSIWYG editors out of the water.

I also need to post scans of the New Years cards I made for friends.