Finished Printing (for now)


On Friday, on the way to my last final, I was hit by a car. It ran over my right foot. Brandon took me to the hospital after we all gave statements to the police. Luckily, nothing was broken. It was just very badly bruised and swollen and I couldn’t walk on it.

I still had 2 cards left to print, so I invited Annie over to help me. She’s been over a number of times to help with the press gruntwork. I finally got a picture of her printing though.
She’s a great help, especially since I couldn’t put too much weight on my foot and my arms were crazy sore from using crutches (they hurt worse than my foot!).

We printed “Good Tidings” and “Merry Christmas” on Sommeset Velvet Soft White that I had cut to 4 bar. I matched the ink colors to the Persimmon and Peacock envelopes I bought from Paper Source.