New Business Cards


Finally got some time today to rework my business cards into their final (for now) state. It might not look like much, but getting the kerning, lining, justification, and hierarchy right for this piece took a really long time a MANY prototypes. As it is said “Good design is invisible.”. And definitely all the work that goes into making a design isn’t visible. Perhaps that’s the problem today with advanced GUIs and desktop publishing software, too many people just throw some stuff together for whatever and call it good, and then think that THAT is how much thought, skill, and work go into making a designed page (or what-have-you). Quality graphic design is hard work.

I’m thinking of trying edge painting on some of these, and definitely some drawdown craziness, like i’ve done for my recent monotypes. I need to get more things made for Wrap It Up. Objects are due in October and my classes are keeping VERY busy.