Today’s work

custom work

This was what I worked on today. Joe and Tracy wanted to go in a new direction with the thank you notes, and I did my best to oblige them. This new design won’t be quite as fall themed, or wedding specific. It’s also very classic with the border and has a nice formality to it (though I must say I prefer it without and in the right corner, but that’s just my preference). I love that ampersand that they chose, it’s a really nice element, and I’m glad I could include it again.

For my business cards I’ve been agonizing over shape, format, etc. Should I just make them standard size? Should I use color? What colors? Should it be folded or flat? I think I’ve decided to go black on white on a 2.5″ square, and folded. If folded, I can go for a deeper debossing effect, and it leaves room for notes. I also bought a new typeface for the cards. I put a lot of thought into it before buying from Originally I was going to go with Caslon, but this new typeface (Nevia BT Pro) is just perfect for my business.